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Experience – What’s in it that everyone wants?

In today’s competitive job market, one of the things that graduates and professionally trained individuals must contend with is the overwhelming demand from employers for prior experience in order to secure junior positions. Due to this inherent conflict, many wonder what lies behind the term “experience” and whether it holds greater value than the personal abilities and growth potential of a candidate starring out without experience.

When team leaders seek software developers with experience, they are typically looking for candidates who possess a certain level of practical knowledge and skills in the field. In this context, the term “experience” refers to the time these developers have spent in the industry or actively working with the specific required technology.


What are team leaders actually looking for in software developers applying for jobs?

Technical Efficiency

The experience clause indicates that the developer has a solid understanding of development languages, tools, and relevant concepts. The assumption is that software developers have dealt with diverse challenges in the past and have arrived at various efficient solutions during their work.


Project Understanding and Breadth of Knowledge

Experienced developers generally have a deeper understanding of software development processes, methodologies, and practices due to their involvement in different stages of the development cycle, including requirements, design, development, and testing.


Problem-Solving Ability

With experience comes the ability to tackle complex problems and find efficient solutions. Experienced developers have likely faced and overcome numerous challenges in their careers, allowing them to approach new problems with more confidence and significantly increased efficiency.


Collaboration and Communication

Working on projects within teams provides valuable experience in successful collaboration with peers. Experienced developers likely developed good communication skills, expressing their ideas clearly, actively listening, and working well within a team.


Prior Domain Knowledge

Experience can also refer to prior experience in the domain a team leader is recruiting for. When software developers bring domain knowledge from a previous company, they can provide insights and new perspectives from their experience to projects they will be working on in the new company.


Infinity Labs R&D Response

After understanding what team leaders are looking for, the following questions arise:

  • Is experience the be-all and end-all for companies?
  • Can adequately trained candidates fulfill most of these requirements?
  • Can these candidates contribute additional values that greatly enhance the team’s work due to their accurate work habits and thinking?


Infinity Labs R&D has developed a career path precisely based on overcoming the challenges posed by lack of industry experience.

The Infinity Labs R&D Mentored Social Learning (IMSL™️) methodology, developed in-house in Israel, is revolutionary in its approach. Around 2,000 developers, without prior experience in software development, have been successfully integrated into positions usually requiring 2-3 years of experience. More than 300 tech companies, startups, and leading development centers have recruited from the 200+ software development, cybersecurity, DevOps and Artificial Intelligence cycles.


What do participants learn in the Infinity Labs R&D Software Development track?

We start with the basics – understanding that a strong foundation is everything: C language, data structures, operating systems, communication, algorithms, and more. This is the first stage, before specialization in a particular type of development. By understanding the fundamentals of development and applying the methodology that enables independent learning, you will be able to expand your knowledge as needed in the future. Experience therefore loses some of its strength as you will become an asset that the company can place in any new project and tackle any problem.

Throughout the training program, you will complete around 1,800 hours of development. This places you in the same league as those with 1-3 years of industry experience in terms of the quantity of hands-on development hours.


A typical day in software development training at Infinity Labs


What does a day in an Infinity Labs R&D’s training program look like and how does it address the issue of “experience”?

At Infinity Labs R&D, you will work in groups of 12-14 people, allowing you to learn in a simulated industry development team environment.

The team is led by a “mentor,” a senior industry professional who functions as your team leader. They provide guidance and insight that accelerates the learning process and equips participants with the skills required to excel in the industry.

From day one at Infinity Labs R&D, you will experience a simulated work day environment for a project-based industry development team. Each project begins with independent research, through code writing, self and team code reviews and culminates in mentor assessments which guide you on what could be done better – what not how. This is when you will then spiral back to the starting point of independent research and develop your self-directed learning capabilities to a level where you can handle any challenge and deliver at a high industry level.

Working within a development team during the training program leaves you no choice but to develop highly effective communication skills. You rely on each other for your success – if you don’t communicate, you won’t accomplish your tasks!

Every day involves the start or progress of a project, and the project’s sequence is carefully chosen, adding more knowledge to expand or deepen your understanding. Each project requires you to define requirements, provide development solutions, conduct tests, deploy, receive feedback (from the client/team leader/team members, etc.), all under clear budgets and defined deadlines, just as in the industry.

A workday in the training program is also comprised of team meetings – morning dailies, development meetings, evening dailies, round robins, and more.

Your team leader will provide you with the minimal amount of knowledge required to achieve maximum results. They will expect you to independently strive for the highest quality results possible.


Infinity Labs R&D’s Partnership Model

Infinity Labs R&D’s business model is based on partnership. The training program is provided at our expense, and only when you start working upon successful completion of training program, with one of our clients – do we both profit. The model is based on partnership because everyone in it comes out on top – you, us, and the high-tech companies that recruit our graduates.

In summary, the emphasis on work experience poses challenges for new graduates entering the job market. While team leaders consider experience essential, there are other highly valued traits when they seek to recruit key team members – the candidate’s ability to learn quickly, adopt new technologies, demonstrate motivation for continual growth and improvement, and more. Therefore, in an era of artificial intelligence and rapid technological advancement, being self-taught is a highly valuable skill. The ability to learn independently and bridge technological gaps is highly sought after. Additionally, familiarity with development processes, efficient communication skills, teamwork, problem-solving creativity, and the ability to bring new solutions to the table are highly valued.

At Infinity Labs R&D, we address the issue of industry experience. Computer science graduates can enhance their skills, increase their employability, and contribute to the ever-evolving world of technology and artificial intelligence.


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