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Aliyah High-Tech Program

Infinity Labs R&D and The Jewish Agency are proud to present the ALIYAH HIGH-TECH PROGRAM

Your opportunity to make Aliyah and hit the ground running with a well-paying, satisfying career in high-tech! Join the revolutionary, exclusive program that in just 8 months produces outstanding software developers.

THIS TIME NEXT YEAR, you could already be employed as an upwardly mobile developer at one of Israel’s prestigious high-tech companies!

The Aliyah High-Tech Program is in English. Applicants who are accepted will be eligible for a FULL TUITION SCHOLARSHIP

High Time for High Tech

Israel has gained an international reputation as the Start-up Nation owing in part to its state-of-the-art high-tech industry. Israel has come into its own as a leader in innovation and development worldwide. There are currently more than 350 multinational development centers in cities all over Israel that employ tens of thousands of software developers – and the demand is only growing.

All-in-One Career Package

Infinity Labs R&D offers an exceptionally successful program designed for highly talented, self-motivated individuals seeking to acquire software development skills without any prior experience. Our unique methodology equips participants with exclusive skills, making this the only training they’ll ever need to excel in the high-tech industry. With a proven 98% placement rate, we have successfully launched over 2,000 graduates into roles at more than 300 high-tech companies and startups across Israel. Join us and become part of the next generation of tech innovators.

A Life-Changing Opportunity

In partnership with the Jewish Agency, Infinity Labs R&D is now offering its elite Aliyah High-Tech Training and Placement Program to prospective Olim in the USA. You will be able to begin your high-tech training in the USA, while your Aliyah is being processed. By the time you make Aliyah, you will already be halfway through your training and well on your way to a fascinating, rewarding, and lucrative career! Join us and become part of the next generation of tech innovators.

Meet Our Alumni​

Why choose to study with us?

מודל עסקי של שותפות - Business Partnership Model

Business Partnership Model

Our success is dependent on your success! Training is provided at our expense for suitable candidates. Only when you start working in a sought after position, and succeed over time, do we see a return on our investment and maintain a profit model.

מחלקת הלקוחות שלנו - Our Customer Department

Our Customer Department

Our graduates can be found in leading companies in the high-tech industry. Even during the training program, we work diligently to find the most suitable position for you among the company's 300+ clients.

מתודולוגיית לימוד ייחודית - Unique Learning Methodology

Unique Learning Methodology

Infinity Labs R&D Mentored Social Learning (IMSL™️) - an autodidactic social learning method tailored for small groups, and facilitated by an experienced mentor.

הכשרת Hands-On - Hands-On Training

Hands-On Training

Project-based, hands-on learning with real-world development, and daily exposure to professional challenges.

Tech Leaders - מנטורים מקצועיים ומנוסים

Tech Leaders

Infinity Labs R&D has dozens of professional and experienced mentors, who are also involved in development in the company's R&D department. Mentors accompany you throughout the training program and guide you to success.

2-3 שנות ניסיון - 2-3 Years of Experience

2-3 Years of Experience

The methodology combined with the carefully selected content, and extensive development hours will enable you to qualify for high-quality positions upon completion of the training program typically requiring 2-3 years of experience.

How does it work?


We start with a a compatibility check followed by an interview process.


Eligible candidates train in the USA in a remote/on-site setting for 4 months + Ulpan studies.


You make Aliyah!


The program continues in Israel for an additional 4 months + Ulpan studies.


After completing the training, graduates are placed in leading high-tech companies in Israel.


Additional training specific to your placement is provided as needed.

Know anyone who might suit the program?

Send us their contact information and you could receive a free roundtrip ticket to Israel!


Yes, it is. But in order to prepare students for employment in Israel, we provide technology-oriented Ulpan studies parallel to high-tech training.

As our name suggests, Infinity Labs R&D is a research and development company. We pioneer technology prototypes, products and services, and since 2014, we started a revolutionary program in Israel for learning software development. Under the guidance of our outstanding technical R&D staff, we’ve enabled hundreds of participants (typically coming from the fields of computer science, physical sciences, engineering, and others) to successfully integrate and excel in significant software development roles. Combining our renowned methodologies with our exceptional program curriculum and technical staff, we are a step-above the world of academic Computer Science, and are a leading force in transforming the way software developers learn and work – positively impacting the level of industry professionalism through our new generation of software developers.

We partner with top high tech companies spanning the range of industries to provide placement services for our sought-after graduates, who distinguish themselves on the job as those with the highest levels of professionalism and expertise.

We offer corporate ‘technology injections’ – hands-on consulting in the field, and also offer corporate training programs for software development teams.

We offer a zero-cost, 8-month intensive, hands-on program of in-depth theory and fundamentals of software development – the ‘real-world’ skills necessary for being a top software developer and for producing high-quality, professional output. Participants learn in our labs within small groups, where they are guided by our exceptional mentors or Tech Leaders, who challenge them to reach their highest level of excellence.

Our exclusive program offers a more thorough level of software development theory than traditional degree programs, and our unique Open Lab learning environment is considered even tougher than actual high-tech environments, in terms of quality and technical level. In addition, our graduates learn the soft skills necessary to be successful in the competitive job market. Former Computer Science graduates who have taken our program tell us they learned more about software development in the first few months of our program than they did in their entire Computer Science degree program! Considered the last training program they will need, our graduates are highly capable of independently exploring and learning new technologies – and effectively applying those skills in whatever domain they may be working.

We invest $30K in each participant and only start to see ROI after they’ve been hired. Our graduates’ success is our success! And that explains our 98% placement rate in leading Israeli high-tech companies.

For the first two years, our graduates continue as employees of Infinity Labs R&D, and are contracted out to their placed companies. After that period, they may become permanent employees of their companies.

The first 4-month training segment, in the US, will be hybrid and the concluding 4 months in Israel will be either remote or hybrid, with onsite studies taking place at one of the Infinity Labs R&D Centers in Tel Aviv or Haifa.
We are currently planning the locations for accommodations in coordination with the Jewish Agency. Housing locations for Olim have not yet been finalized for 2024.
You choose where you want to live, however we commit to finding employers in the greater Tel Aviv area. Sometimes there are opportunities in Haifa, Jerusalem and other areas.
Since the program is extremely intensive and requires maximum investment on your part, it is not possible to work while taking part in the program. Training and Ulpan demand an average of 10 hours each day for four days a week (Mondays to Thursdays), and five hours a day for the other two days (Sundays and Fridays), in addition to homework.
Infinity Labs R&D is open for participants Sunday to Thursday from 7:00—22:00, and also on Friday mornings from 9:00—14:00 (excluding holidays). Required attendance is Sunday to Thursday, from 8:30—18:30.
We currently offer each participant a small stipend.
In addition to the training services, we offer support services for our participants as well as for our graduates. That includes financial assistance, company job placements, help with employment issues, staff psychologists, subsidized food and all the coffee you can drink!

Our intense, hands-on program provides a wide-angle view of the software development profession, with comprehensive theory and fundamentals of software development at a higher level than traditional academic institutions.

Training includes:

  • A demanding program, with challenging technical tasks.
  • Expert mentors, who guide the participants throughout the program, while challenging them to reach their highest level of excellence.
  • Our unique methodologies that promote versatility and a “thinking out-of-the-box” mindset.
  • The skills and mentality (self-learning, critical thinking) needed for independently exploring, learning and adapting new technologies.
  • The ability to use those new technologies properly and effectively on the job.
  • Our Open Lab environment, where small groups of participants work together in an atmosphere of teamwork, collaboration, and efficiency – at a level considered more rigorous than a real high-tech work environment, in terms of quality and technical level.
  • The soft skills and work habits required for success in the workforce.
  • Superior results, resulting in the skill sets of our graduates considered equal to or above those of software developers who have worked in the field for several years.
  • Our mentors are members of our R&D team, and they are hands-on software developers themselves. They divide their time and expertise between working in R&D — exploring new technologies, building new technology prototypes, developing new software and products, performing consulting services — and guiding program participants. Top technical professionals, our mentors transform our participants into the same.

    While others teach a specific language or set of tools, our participants also develop the self-learning and critical-thinking skills necessary to independently explore, learn and adapt to new technologies – empowering them with the ability to navigate through different languages and domains as needed in any environment as flexible, versatile, effective software developers (exactly what they will need to do throughout their careers).

    Our methodologies also focus on learning the theory and elements shared among common languages, resulting in a much quicker learning process when approaching new languages.

    Considered the last training program our participants will ever need, we invest tremendously in our participants – not just during the program, but for their continual success throughout their careers.

    Our intensive, challenging program may not be suitable for all, however, our graduates are among the best in the profession.

    Learning methodologies for a profession is different than that of academia. While a traditional Computer Science curriculum focuses on research, academic theory and mathematical proofs, our unique program is focused on the profession. Our fundamentally different approach focuses on how to independently and efficiently learn relevant theory and new technologies and apply them at the highest level of industry standards, throughout the range of domains and environments in the profession. This is achieved through our unique, real-world learning methodologies and content.

    In academia, Computer Science participants cover a wide range of concepts, whether relevant or not, and after degree completion they still require about 2-4 years to be sufficiently productive in the industry.

    In contrast, our participants learn concepts that are more in-depth than academia (including their utilization and real-world implementations), as well as tools and technologies at a professional level that is higher than that of software developers with several years’ experience. Our unique results transform our participants into professionals, with a quick integration into the workforce.

    Computer Science programs dispense degrees, whereas our program prepares our participants for the profession – not just in starting out in their careers, but for their continued success throughout.

    As C is a “grandfather” of modern programming languages (for the many languages based on C), in order to fully understand those other languages, we insist one must first have a solid understanding of C.
    Our graduates develop software for hundreds of companies in a variety of languages and domains, for example: C, C++, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, Clojure, Python, Go, C#, Scala, Swift, Angular, React, Objective-C, Unix Shell, R, PHP, machine learning (A.I.), telecommunications, defense, medical, biotechnology, aerospace, automotive, data science, mechanical engineering, hardware, cyber security, finance, cloud services, and more.

    There is no reason to worry – what matters most is that you have the following crucial qualities:

    • You believe in yourself
    • You are willing to work hard
    • You have a passion for a profession in software development
    • We have determined that you are suitable for the program

    Yes, if a participant is not performing up to the expectations and requirements of the program, the participant could be dropped from the program. We invest a huge amount in our participants, and we expect them to fulfill their commitments.

    We make no promises, but we do invest a tremendous amount in all our participants, resulting in a unique program with superior results, extraordinary staff, and many services, such as assistance in placing our graduates at high-tech companies, as employees of Infinity Labs R&D.

    Our participants represent us, and our winning model is a partnership, based on our participants’ success. Our participants’ success is our success. Indeed 90% of our participants finish the program, out of which over 99% are working as software developers! Our standards require that it is not enough to just be trained well technically, but to also be able to integrate and succeed in the professional work environment.

    We have a proven track record, with over 300 companies (and growing) who have recruited Infinity Labs R&D graduates in all types of industries, for example: machine learning (A.I.), telecommunications, defense, medical, biotechnology, aerospace, automotive, mechanical engineering, hardware, cyber, finance, security, and cloud services.
    The continued success of our participants is our success! After you graduate (while working at a client company, and beyond – even when you no longer work for us), our services and learning materials (Brain Fuel, HR services, technical services, advising, etc.) are always available to you when you need them. We are committed to a lifetime partnership with our participants, and are happy to always be here for your continued success!
    You may be able to find a job independently or via a placement agency, but what we offer you has much greater value: highly adaptive training with extra support for Olim, leading to a lucrative career in software development without any glass ceiling. Additionally, when you train through us, you not only avert the job-hunting jungle, you receive support to ensure a smooth, successful transition from training to employment — in the early stages as well as further down the line.

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