The only training method that really gets you into high-tech

Thanks to our unique training methodology over 220 high tech companies, start-ups, and leading development centers in Israel already employ over 1,500 of our graduates and return on a regular basis to continue recruiting our graduates for challenging positions that would otherwise require 2–3 years of experience.

High-Tech Training Tracks

Software Development

In the software development track, you will receive practical, in-depth training in the foundations and principles of software development, in an environment of hands-on learning and teamwork – guided throughout by professional mentors.

DevOps Pro

DevOps is the combination of Development and Operations. The DevOps Expert integrates all areas of responsibility through automated tools, flexible computing infrastructures and orderly work processes.

Cyber Research

Cyber Research – Coming Soon!

Here you will find our graduates

Win-Win Situation

The training is at our expense! We invest 96,000 NIS per student throughout the training and start earning only if you have found a job in high-tech!

2–3 years of experience within a few months

Our intensive training and extensive preparation will qualify you for positions requiring 2–3 years of experience.

A long career in high-tech

During the training, you will acquire the technological and practical skills that ensure you’ll remain relevant and vital in the dynamic and ever-changing world of high-tech.

How does it work?

Assessment exam

Choose the training program that interests you. Submit your application on the website (preferably by attaching a C.V.). If you have a compatible background, a representative will invite you to a ‘matching day’ where we will get to know each other better, and where we will assess your suitability for the program.

Training tracks

Infinity operates training tracks in domains such as Software Development and DevOps.

Comprehensive and challenging, all tracks are based on the unique Infinity Mentored Social Learning (IMSLTM) method, and are provided free-of-cost to all participants.

Each training track provides an intensive, in-depth exposure to its foundations and principles, in an environment simulating a real-world software development team, with mentor guidance throughout.

 Placement process and start of work

Even before the end of the training, you will begin a series of interviews with the best companies, startups and development centers in Israel, prepared and accompanied by our staff of organizational psychologists and HR.

Infinity labs is here for you throughout your long career

After you pass the interviews and start to work in a challenging, dynamic hi-tech position, Infinity will continue to support you throughout your career – and will grant you access to our program content so that you can stay up-to-date at all times, and remain relevant and independent, as high-tech employers demand.

Why Train with Us?

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Unique training

Infinity is recognized by the Israel Innovation Authority for providing high-quality training in software development that increases and strengthens the high-tech workforce in Israel.

Dedicated technical completion

Per position requirements, we’ll provide an additional 3–6 weeks of training to get up-to-speed with a specialized technology, for a smooth transition on your first job.

Learn from those who know

Our mentors know how to provide the best, most relevant guidance for 2021.

After you have met us,
now it’s our turn to get to know you!

Graduates’ Stories

Customer Recommendations

"Some of our recruits were from Infinity, where they undergo dedicated training according to a pre-defined syllabus so that they arrive as ready as possible for our tasks, and they do arrive ready. We got the people, they were successfully absorbed into the organization pretty quickly, and mostly demonstrated independent learning abilities and entered into new domains they were not familiar with prior. Over time I have seen that the quality of the people is truly exceptional. I am very satisfied with the people on both a personal level and professional level. "



“Infinity has people with very high desires and abilities, and this is a combination for success. The Infinity graduates just knew how to gain my trust, and that of their managers and team leaders. Quite a few of them are in our top ten, and we are an organization with over 100 engineers. I do not see how we could do without them today."


Senior Development Manager

“There are several reasons why I decided to recruit from Infinity. Knowing that the participants are undergraduates, my understanding is that the training process is very demanding and in general the method includes a lot of practice while studying independently, as well as teamwork which simulates the way I work. Another thing I like is knowing that if I require one’s completion of technological knowledge specific to my needs, Infinity will complete it.


Head of R&D

"We needed to recruit a very large number of people and we certainly have a place to recruit those who are completing a degree that is not necessarily in the sciences – or very talented people who are interested in and have a passion for software. It helps us increase our recruitment capacity and get great people."


Vice President of Development

"The things I look for and that are important to me as an employee, and that's what I found in the Infinity folks who work for us, is the ability to learn on their own – to take a task, understand it, go look for solutions, find them and realize them."


Software Manager

Infinity processes work well. The workers always come ready, work well, work like everyone else and are an integral part of the production of the company product.



“The most in-demand program for those transitioning to software development”

“The graduates’ value is equivalent to that of developers with experience”

“The elite program that leads to outstanding high-tech professions”

“An alternative to academia, Infinity teaches software development in 7.5 months”