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Hi, we are Infinity Labs R&D Ramat Gan branch – nice to meet you!

In 2014, we established the flagship branch of Infinity Labs R&D in Ramat Gan. This is where we were founded, grew, and expanded from a small office to three fully equipped and lively floors.

The branch is located in the Diamond Exchange Complex in Ramat Gan, next to Savidor Merkaz train station and main public transportation lines. Our graduates from here have been trained for a challenging and fascinating career in the world of technology.

At the Ramat Gan branch, you will find no less than 22 sophisticated software laboratories equipped with the technological tools to launch you into your new career in high-tech. Our labs are designed for you, so you can learn, experience, and truly feel what it’s like to work as part of a tech industry development team, closely guided by our experienced mentors, available at all times for any questions or consultations.

The Ramat Gan branch offers training programs in three areas:

  • Software Development
  • DevOps Pro
  • Cyber Research
  • Artificial Intelligence


Similar to our northern branch in Haifa, the Ramat Gan branch operates according to the unique methodology developed at Infinity Labs R&D, which changes the way people learn, think, and work. The Infinity Labs R&D study method shifts the focus from “study subject” to the “way to study”. The training is hands-on, there are no lecturers, no grades and no slides.

The training program takes place in groups of 14 carefully selected participants through rigorous selection processes. This creates an intelligent and strong work environment, accelerating the learning process and equipping participants with the necessary skills to seemlessly enter and excel in the industry from day one.

Branch address: 1 Ze’ev Jabotinsky, D’Mall, Ramat Gan (next to Savidor Merkaz train station).

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