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Artificial Intelligence

Join us as pioneers in the field of AI in Israel’s high-tech industry!

About the program

Through their deep understanding of the national-strategic need for AI experts, the Israel Innovation Authority has entrusted us with training the next generation of AI experts and advancing the local industry. As an experienced R&D company that has developed products in artificial intelligence and successfully integrated thousands of graduates into the high-tech industry, we take pride in responding to the challenge by launching a dedicated career track for AI developers.

The Artificial Intelligence career track is a groundbreaking path that will transform you from university graduates into the future leaders of the artificial intelligence revolution. Throughout the training program, you will learn the technologies that drive artificial intelligence (such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning), develop advanced models, and implement them.

The high-tech industry in Israel longs for AI trailblazers who can integrate artificial intelligence technology and propel existing products forward. Every company understand that this is inevitable and that those who fail to embed AI technologies might find themselves falling behind.

Upon completion of the training program, you will be integrated into R&D teams as artificial intelligence experts, as the pioneers who will build and lead the AI systems of the companies.

32 weeks, Sunday – Thursday, from 08:30-18:30.

Ramat Gan: Jabotinsky 1, Stock Exchange (next to Savidor Merkaz train station)

The syllabus includes:

  • Software Development
  • Big Data
  • Machine Learning


  • Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university in STEM fields (with an average of 80+).
  • Psychometric score of 700+.
  • High mathematical abilities in: Linear Algebra, Statistics, Probability, Calculus.

Training is provided at our expense

Infinity also offers a low-interest loan for trainees through Bank Leumi

up to 50,000 NIS to help with living expenses. Payable upon start of employment or after 1 year.

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Our Graduates’ Stories

Customer Recommendations

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"Some of our recruits were from Infinity Labs R&D, where they undergo dedicated training according to a pre-defined syllabus so that they arrive as ready as possible for our tasks, and they do arrive ready. We got the people, they were successfully absorbed into the organization pretty quickly, and mostly demonstrated independent learning abilities and entered into new domains they were not familiar with prior. Over time I have seen that the quality of the people is truly exceptional. I am very satisfied with the people on both a personal level and professional level. "



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“There are several reasons why I decided to recruit from Infinity Labs R&D. Knowing that the participants are undergraduates, my understanding is that the training process is very demanding and in general the method includes a lot of practice while studying independently, as well as teamwork which simulates the way I work. Another thing I like is knowing that if I require one’s completion of technological knowledge specific to my needs, Infinity will complete it.


Head of R&D

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"We needed to recruit a very large number of people and we certainly have a place to recruit those who are completing a degree that is not necessarily in the sciences – or very talented people who are interested in and have a passion for software. It helps us increase our recruitment capacity and get great people."


Vice President of Development


“The things I look for and that are important to me as an employer are what I have found in our employees from Infinity Labs R&D. They have the ability to learn on their own, to take a task, understand it, look for solutions, find them and realize them.”


Software Manager

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Infinity Labs R&D processes work well. The workers always come ready, work well, work like everyone else and are an integral part of the production of the company product.