Infinity Labs R&D


We offer a zero-cost, hands-on program of in-depth theory and fundamentals of different hi-tech programs – the ‘real-world’ skills necessary for being a top hi-tech professional. Participants learn in our labs within small groups, and accompanied by our excellent Tech Leaders, who challenge them to reach their highest level of excellence.

Our revolutionary program offers a more thorough level of study than traditional degree programs, and our unique Open Lab learning environment is considered even tougher than actual high-tech environments, in terms of quality and technical level. In addition, our graduates learn the soft skills necessary to be successful in the competitive job market. Former Computer Science graduates who have taken our program tell us they learned more about software development in the first few months of our program than they did in their entire Computer Science degree program! Considered the last training program they will ever need, our graduates are highly capable of independently exploring and learning new technologies – and effectively applying those skills in whatever domain they may be working.

We invest 96,000 NIS for each participant in the training and only earn after they have been hired. Our graduates’ success is our success, and that is why our graduates’ placement rate in leading Israeli high-tech companies is at 98%. After the training, we help our graduates fit into positions in companies where they can grow and thrive as professionals. They are employees of Infinity Labs R&D for the first two years, after which they may become directly hired by the companies in which they were integrated.

Infinity participants have an attractive financing plan available for living expenses during the program in the form of a loan from Bank Leumi of up to NIS 50,000. Repayment can start after one year or upon the start of employment, at a low-interest rate.

Unless you plan to work at a job that allows you to sit and study uninterrupted with your laptop, it is not possible to work during the program, as it is very intensive and requires a lot of investment. You will need to be learning at Infinity Labs R&D 5 days a week for 10 hours each day, in addition to studying at home.

Our Tech Leaders are part of the Infinity Labs R&D team who engage in actual research and development activities, dividing their time and expertise between R&D work (researching and building new technologies, developing new software and products, and providing consulting services), and mentoring work, as they accompanying the participants throughout the program. Every learning day the Tech Leaders provide the participants with a simulated high-tech workday relevant to the respective training track, where they share the experience and knowledge they have acquired during their careers.  

While others teach a specific language or set of tools, our participants also develop the self-learning and critical-thinking skills necessary to independently explore, learn and adapt to new technologies – empowering them with the ability to navigate through different languages and domains as needed in any environment as flexible, versatile, effective professionals (exactly what they will need to do throughout their careers).

Considered the last training program our participants will ever need, we invest tremendously in our participants – not just during the program, but for their continued success throughout their careers. Our intensive, challenging program may not be suitable for all, however, our graduates are among the best in the profession.

Learning methodologies for a profession is simply different than that of academia. While a traditional Computer Science curriculum focuses on research, academic theory, and mathematical proofs, our unique program is focused on the profession. Our fundamentally different approach focuses on how to independently and efficiently learn relevant theory and new technologies and apply them at the highest level of industry standards, throughout the range of domains and environments in the profession.

In academia, Computer Science participants cover a wide range of concepts, whether relevant or not. And after degree completion, in order to fill the professional gap, it takes about 2–4 years to be sufficiently productive in the industry.

In contrast, our participants learn concepts more in-depth than academia (including their utilization and real-world implementations), as well as tools and technologies at a professional level that is higher than that of professionals with several years of experience.

Our graduates work as brilliant hi-tech professionals in over 300 leading high-tech companies, startups, and development centers in Israel in a variety of languages and technological domains: 

* Languages: C, C++, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, Clojure, Python, Go, C#, Scala, Swift, Angular, React, Objective-C, Unix Shell, R, PHP, and more.

*Domains: machine learning (A.I.), telecommunications, defense, medical, biotechnology, aerospace, automotive, data science, mechanical engineering, hardware, cyber security, finance, cloud services, and more.

We have a thorough acceptance process, which may include an invitation to attend a ‘matching day’. This event presents an excellent opportunity for us to get to know each other and to learn more about the program. Candidates take a 3–5 hour exam and then meet with our staff in order to see if it’s a good match.

We invest a huge amount in each participant, which includes our extraordinary staff and numerous services, such as assistance in placing our graduates at high-tech companies, as employees of Infinity Labs R&D in the first two years, before becoming the company’s employees. This is why our standards and requirements are more rigorous and do not just require the ability to be trained well technically, but also to be able to integrate and succeed in the professional work environment. Some of our brilliant graduates stay with us to pursue a career in R&D while they simultaneously nurture future generations of software developers in their training.

Our participants represent us, and our winning model is a partnership, based on the success of our participants. 90% of the participants finish the training, and more than 98% of them are working with our clients.