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Why has software engineering become one of the most popular and sought-after fields in Israel?

A typical morning routine consists of waking up to an alarm, taking our smartphones into our hands, pressing keys and flicking between screens, getting into the car and activating “Waze” to guide us to work, then turning on our computers and using a suite of software. Each and every one of these actions may seem trivial, obvious and very simple to us, yet they are actually part of a technological environment that characterizes our contemporary reality. Have you ever thought about whose genius minds made our lives easier and more interactive? Who are the people that enable us to do everything at the click of a button?


Software engineering is considered to be one of the most sought-after and desirable professions in the Israeli economy, especially within the high-tech industry itself. The brilliant minds of Software engineers make our lives so easy, providing an accessible technological world for us to use, with minimal effort. What appeals to the software engineers themselves? When they reach seniority and gain extensive knowledge on the subject, they get to reap the rewards and enjoy the high salaries, great perks and working conditions. If the idea of working in high-tech and enjoying this lifestyle appeals to you, get to know the hottest field in the market!


How did it all start?

The field of engineering and software development began to develop amidst the “software crisis”, in the late 1960s. Until then, the field of software engineering was under the umbrella of computer science, as a secondary branch. In 1968, the first conference in the field was held, initiated by the NATO Science Committee and it was announced that the branch of software engineering was going to be separated from computer science and function as an independent field. Since then, the field has adapted and developed into what is today, an advanced field and the most highly desired in the world.


Software engineering – what do you offer that others don’t?

Some will say that they do it for the money, some just want to be a part of making a difference, and there are those who want to be a part of significant technological breakthroughs – these are among the reasons answering “Why software engineering?”.

The field of engineering and software development is considered to be one of the fastest evolving and innovative fields in the high-tech world, and in the economy in general. It is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy both worlds – to be a partner in extensive and groundbreaking activity, and also to enjoy the rewards in a respectable and proper work environment. Software developers in high-tech, research and development companies, and startups, can benefit from company cars, higher than average salaries and great working conditions, as long as they have experience and seniority. It’s not just the “buzz” around the field, it is a shiny and attractive world that rewards everyone who takes part in it.


Future software developers? You don’t need a degree!

Degree studies have always been seen as a requirement to establish a career and achieve greatness. This philosophy started a never-ending race that began immediately after completing army service in Israel – first, improve matriculation grades, then continue on to the psychometrics, so that you can study for a degree as quickly as possible, then the degree, study and graduate and … whoops! The experience of learning at university can be great but it is not comparable to the working world. There are many stigmas and stereotypes about degree studies, but we are here to disprove some of them.

Let’s start with the fact that in software development, a degree is a requirement, since it is a field that requires depth of knowledge and the software developer must be well versed in it.  A degree in Software engineering is a gateway to jobs in high-tech companies. Today, there is a growing understanding that there is not only one right way to study. It is possible to produce more practical and attractive alternatives and make them accessible to those interested in developing a career in the field. The same applies to software development training programs, which are significantly shorter than a degree, and which produce successful software developers for all areas of expertise. There is of course a difference between the various training programs, starting with shorter or lower cost programs, without work placement upon graduation, to more in-depth training such as the Infinity Labs R&D training: Significantly shorter than a degree yet far more practical. For the program, you learn for free, gain in-depth and thorough knowledge of everything you need to know about software development – acquiring knowledge and data, practices and experiences in an environment that simulates the workplace in the high-tech industry. At the end of the training program, graduates are placed in suitable high-tech software development positions.


How much does a software engineer earn? Market salary data

The software engineering branch is considered one of the most lucrative in the field, if not the most lucrative. A person without experience, in their first job in the field, can already earn around NIS 14,000, after two years of experience this salary will significantly increase. Of course, the higher the seniority, the higher the salary. For example, a software developer with more than 8 years of experience in the field can easily reach a minimum salary of NIS 33,000.

Within the software industry there are sub-divisions. In the past, some of them were considered more profitable and some less so, however, with the assimilation of mobile phones and other smart devices in the environment, and their becoming an integral part of our lives, the demand in all areas has increased. Jobs that used to be considered less appealing are now seen to be very attractive, including application developers and internet developers. These jobs require knowledge of additional development languages ​​that are essential for the development itself, and are considered more complex, requiring specialized knowledge, so over the years the salaries have become higher accordingly.


Promotion avenues in the software engineering industry

Thinking big from this point onwards! Know that within the framework of the engineering and software development branch there are several possible avenues for promotion:


Software Team Leader

A software developer can progress to become a software team leader, domain manager, R&D, system engineer and even an architect.


Senior Software Engineer

In order to advance and receive the title of ‘senior software engineer’, experience in the field, extensive and peripheral knowledge, familiarity with many technologies and proficiency in the various development languages ​​are required. The salary also increases accordingly, and can reach higher amounts than those mentioned here.


Marketing – Technical Role

Conversion to positions such as project manager, product manager, etc. In order to integrate into these positions, one must have knowledge of software development, but the work itself is more focused in the field of marketing.


What should the future generation know about the high-tech world?

For those who want to work in high-tech, there are other areas also creating significant buzz such as Cyber. This field is highly desirable in the high-tech industry, integral to progress and in great demand. The prerequisite is to be a graduate of a cyber-program, but in order to become an expert in this field, acquire all possible knowledge, and develop a limitless career, a comprehensive, in-depth and thorough cyber training is preferable.

The high-tech industry is considered to be one of the largest and most extensive in Israel. It is exclusive and sought after, greatly contributing to Israel’s economy. For years it has seen a constant trend of development and growth, therefore everyone who takes part in it gets to reap the benefits – financial rewards, a comfortable and high-quality work environment, rich and practical technological knowledge and a prosperous career.