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Why do People Choose to Study Software Development?

What is so attractive about studying software development? When we imagine what working as a software developer looks like, we probably imagine many hours in front of the computer screen, trying to solve problems and a lot of code. The reality is not far from this description, but beneath the surface a whole world of thoughts and feelings is revealed that are hidden behind the words “work as a software developer”. So why do people choose to study software development? What attracts them to the field? Is it only the high salary and favorable conditions, or are there also other reasons? We asked applicants of our professional training programs at Infinity Labs R&D why they wanted to study software development, and after collating over 1,000 responses, the results even surprised us.


Be part of the future

“The future is in technology and whoever builds technology, builds the future.”

Think about our world 20 years ago when the smartphone was just in its infancy, studying cyber  technology was not common and virtual reality glasses were just a dream. Now try to imagine what our world will look like 20 years from now – products and services that are currently just a dream may be part of our future. What all technological innovations and developments have in common is that they rely on the world of software development. There is no doubt that the future is already here and those bringing it closer to us (in giant steps) are today’s software developers. One of the answers that was repeated consistently among applicants for the software development program at Infinity Labs R&D, was the desire to be significant and active partners in the creation of the technologies of the future. This answer showed us that the next generation of software developers for the future will come to high-tech for diverse and interesting reasons that are unrelated to working conditions and the comfortable salary that the profession provides.


Don’t give up on the things you love

“I have always loved computers and tinkering with them. My reluctance to math overwhelmed me when I was younger.”

When the candidates for our training programs answered the question “why are they interested in learning software development” one of the most common answers was love and interest of the software development world. Love for your field of work is an important thing whether it is software development or not. If you choose to work in a field you don’t like, it will be very difficult for you to persist, develop and grow in the field. However, our fears and difficulties can prevent us from doing what we love. The honest answer of the candidate who talked about his reluctance to learn mathematics and consequently his reluctance to pursue a career in high tech and software development, best reflected the difficulty and fear of many who wish to learn software development but are afraid of the “threshold requirements” of the profession.
How true is the saying that the requirement for high grades in Math and English is found in every job description for job ads in high tech professions as a requirement? It is true that mathematics and English at a high level are an important pillar for success in the profession, but in the world of software development, other equally important skills are needed. A realistic disposition, humility, motivation for self-improvement, the ability to quickly recover from crises and problems are just some of the qualities required of a good software developer. The ability to quickly adapt to technologies and a changing reality, and the intelligence to make use of the required knowledge and skills in the right place and time are also of great importance. Bottom line, if you have realized that studying software development is your great love and your professional future, do not give up on the dream even if you do not meet the criteria listed in high tech job ads. Whether you lack programming experience or feel that you do not master one of the skills required in the profession, know that the gap can be bridged. At the end of the day, the challenge and difficulty of your dream job is better than a job that doesn’t match your skills and passion.


In-depth understanding of processes

“I get to see a lot of very interesting software products and I’m always intrigued by what’s behind the products and what makes them work the way they do.”

When you were younger, did you like to take old devices apart and reassemble them? Are you interested in discovering new worlds that are hidden inside devices that you used in your daily life? Unsurprisingly this curiosity is also reflected in the adult world. Many candidates selected for our training program answered that they are interested in learning software development to gain an in depth understanding of what is behind a certain product or service.

The world of software development provides a fascinating window to the “behind the scenes” world of the technology for many services and products. By studying software development, you will learn not only how things work, but you will also develop new things from scratch! This means that you will be partners in the process of designing products, building services and creating a product or service from nothing. As software developers, you can advance to additional, equally challenging positions, which will give you an additional layer of understanding processes as part of a product or service that you are entrusted with developing.


A person is looking for meaning

“The ability to develop significant projects in all areas of life is an exciting ability.”

High-tech is not just about highly equipped seating areas, global coffee options and lunches from chefs who come to cook for you in the office. High-tech also means working on meaningful projects, whether they are projects at the national level or projects with global impact. In both cases, it is about the ability to change the lives of millions of people, to connect them, to give them solutions to problems that had no solution until now and to give hope to those who have already lost it. Many high-tech and startup companies are engaged in various types of projects that aim to change the reality in which we live. Elbit, for example, develops security technologies that will change the face of the defense and combat system of the 21st century. The company already produces a laser-based defense system, artificial intelligence-based weapon systems, and has plans to produce interaction technologies between robots and humans. The opportunity to work in a meaningful workplace was one of the most common answers to the question addressed to candidates for our training programs – “Why would you want to learn software development?”


Studying software development as a safe choice

“Stable career, acquiring a sought-after profession, good salary conditions.”

We tend to think that the younger generation is not looking to settle down, develop a career in one field and build themselves up, but the truth is that one of the answers that was repeated the most by our candidates for the training program when asked why they want to study software development is the desire for a stable career over the years. It is a very rewarding career professionally, financially and personally which is a winning formula for a long-term career. The paradox in studying software development is that, on the one hand, it is a profession that is constantly changing: new technologies are added, old languages ​​become less relevant, and new languages ​​emerge, and on the other hand, studying software development architecture in a significant and in-depth manner allows for the rapid learning and application of any new language and provides a stable career for years. The interesting combination between employment stability and work in a dynamic and changing environment provides us with a fascinating glimpse into the high-tech world and gives us a different angle on the most sought-after profession in recent years.

The reasons to study software development are diverse: starting from choosing a long-term career and ending with the desire to take part in building the technologies of the future. What is the reason you are interested in learning software development? Whatever the reason, it is important to learn the profession from the professionals – to choose a professional, comprehensive, in-depth, challenging and reputable training program that will help you become a sought-after software developer in high tech.

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