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Software Development Studies – Why it’s Worth Learning, Required Skills, and Where to Start?

In the digital age we live in, the field of software development holds unlimited possibilities. It encompasses all aspects of our lives – mobile phones, cars, aviation, medical devices, finance, agriculture, and many others. Essentially, there is no field today that is not directly or indirectly influenced by the advancements in technology, and software development stands at the forefront. Therefore, it’s an essential, highly popular and profitable field that requires constant evolution and advancement.


Why study software development?

A prestigious and profitable career opportunity

The immense demand for skilled software developers is continually growing and expanding into more and more industries. When you choose to study this field, you equip yourself with skills that are highly sought after in today’s technological world. This high demand comes with great reward for work roles, offering a high likelihood of establishing a long-term and fulfilling career.


Strong problem-solving skills

Software development requires breaking down complex problems into smaller ones and finding efficient solutions for them. This process sharpens analytical skills, logical thinking, and problem-solving abilities – qualities that hold significant value beyond the realm of software.


Creativity and innovation

Software development allows these abilities to flourish! As software developers, you have the power to materialize your ideas through applications, websites, and other digital products. You can create solutions that enhance efficiency, improve user experience, or address specific needs within a company or society.


Versatility and flexibility

Software development skills are versatile both technologically and industrially and can be applied across a wide range of domains from healthcare to finance, entertainment, and marketing. This allows you to explore different areas that align with your interests and passions.


Continuous learning and adaptability

The field of software development is constantly evolving with new technologies, merging programming languages, and more. Engaging in this field trains your mindset to embrace continuous learning and develop adaptability. Adaptability is crucial in a rapidly changing world, and staying up to date is essential for success and relevancy in your career path.


Collaboration and teamwork

Software development projects are usually team-based and require collaboration among individuals from diverse backgrounds. Studying software development not only hones your technical skills but also cultivates essential abilities like effective communication, collaborative teamwork, and proficiency in operating within a shared, interactive workspace. These skills are crucial for any profession and in daily life.


Entrepreneurial opportunities

Studying software development opens doors to join the initiative of others, participate in startups in their early stages, or even establish your own product or company.


Significant work with a great impact

The field of software development significantly influences and will continue to influence many people’s lives. Software development is a powerful field with great influence on people’s lives. Study in this field, offers the opportunity to make a difference, tackle global challenges and drive advancements that benefit humanity, contributing to saving lives now and in the future.


Software Development Studies – Why it’s Worth Learning, Required Skills, and Where to Start?


How to determine if the field is suitable for you?

Software development is a field that people choose to study at various points in their lives: after military service, after earning a degree, or even after 10 years in a completely different field. But it’s crucial to understand who it suits and if everyone can learn it.


Some characteristics that increase the likelihood of suitability:

  • Analytical thinking: If you enjoy solving complex problems, analyzing data, and using logical reasoning, this field could be a good fit. Strong analytical skills are critical for writing effective code.
  • Curiosity and consistent learning: The field requires consistent learning due to its dynamic nature. If you’re naturally curious and passionate about learning new technologies and diverse programming languages, you’ll succeed in staying up to date and adapting to changing industry trends.
  • Attention to detail: It’s crucial for a software developer to pay attention to details since even the smallest error can cause significant issues. A focus on the smallest details contributes greatly to writing clean, bug-free code.
  • Team players: Software development almost always involves teamwork, collaborating with designers, project managers, and other developers. If you’re someone with good communication and teamwork skills, it will greatly help in being effective and advancing projects, requiring input from everyone around you.


How do you start learning this field?

First, you need to define your learning goals – determine what you want to achieve from studying software development. Do you want a career in the field? Are you studying to be able to implement your own ideas? Are you studying to enhance and hone your personal skills?

Once you have defined your goals as clearly as possible, you can choose the right path for you. There are various ways to study software development, such as pursuing a degree at an academic institution, attending a boot camp, taking online courses, or self-study. Consider all the aspects like the learning style that suits you, your available budget, how many days a week you can dedicate to learning, and more.

Afterwards, start learning the basics of the profession: algorithms, data structures, and problem-solving techniques. These fundamentals will shape your foundation as a developer, and mastering them will enable you to tackle more complex concepts along the way. Learn hands-on – write lots of code! Solve exercises, work on projects and challenges to ensure your understanding and ability to perform at a high level.

Additionally, embrace these three important tips for looking to start a career in software development:

  1. Adopt a continuous learning approach: Stay updated on the latest trends, frameworks, and programming languages. Explore online resources, exercises, and join developer communities to expand your knowledge and learn from others.
  2. Build a portfolio: Showcase projects within your portfolio that demonstrate your abilities. They will be invaluable when applying for positions or seeking freelance opportunities as they provide evidence of your skills and practical knowledge.
  3. Networking and collaboration: Engage in activities within developer communities, attend meetups, participate in hackathons, and contribute to open-source projects. These are important not just for refining skills but also for building crucial connections in the industry.


What do we do at Infinity Labs R&D?

Infinity Labs R&D, a research and development company, developed a career path that begins with training at our expense and ends with development jobs at one of the company’s clients. The process is based on a learning methodology developed by us, Infinity Mentored Social Learning (IMSL) which has been used to successfully integrate about 2,000 graduates in positions that usually require 2-3 years of experience. With over 200 successful groups in Software Development, Cybersecurity, DevOps and AI, the program has collaborated with over 300 high-tech, defense and startup companies in Israel who return to recruit from us regularly.


Our development track stands out in several ways:

At Infinity Labs R&D, you will work in groups of 12-14 people, which enables you to learn in an industry-like development team environment. Each team is led by a “mentor,” a senior technical figure who acts as your team lead.

The training program simulates work on development projects: research, planning, execution, testing, self-assessment, and group work. This is all in an industry-like development team environment, guided by a mentor who pushes for high-quality performance and, most importantly, ensures you learn how to do everything yourself, hands-on, without solely relying on their knowledge for success. Therefore, by the end of the process, you will reach a very high industry delivery level, with highly developed self-directed learning abilities, enabling you to tackle any problem or new learning on your own.

A strong foundation is the following is key: C language, data structures, operating systems, communication, algorithms, etc. Understanding the development fundamentals combined with a methodology that supports independent learning will allow you to add any subjects you desire in the future. Following the core, there are specialization tracks for Full-Stack and Embedded/RT.

Practical development hours: During the training program, you will accumulate around 1,800 development hours, roughly four times the amount of a computer science graduate. Therefore, the focus will already be on positions requiring several years of experience.


Our business model is based on partnership, ensuring a satisfactory outcome for everyone:

– You don’t pay for the training program – you prepare for positions at one of our clients during it.

– We fund your training, and when you start working at one of our clients, they pay us, ensuring the return on our investment and benefiting them from professional and high-quality Infinity Labs R&D graduates that can be integrated into their development core in the long term.

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