Infinity Labs R&D

Nadav | Full Stack Developer

“I studied for a bachelor’s and master’s degree in psychology and then spent a number of years in digital marketing at various start-ups, where I was exposed to the world of software. At my age and with a small baby at home, I could not do another degree, and Infinity Labs R&D gave me the opportunity to become a programmer in a relatively short time, but without giving up on the depth of the material and the understanding of the basics of the profession. Today, after being placed in a fascinating position at an international communications company, I continue to realize how much the self-study methods I acquired at Infinity Labs R&D benefit me in entering new technologies.”

Nadav, Software Development Training Graduate

“An alternative to academia, Infinity Labs R&D - software development in 7.5 months”

“The elite program that leads to outstanding high-tech professions”

“The graduates’ value is equivalent to that of developers with experience”

“The most in-demand program for those transitioning to software development”