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Is it possible to work in high-tech without experience?

Do you think the high-tech industry is perfect for you, but don’t know where to start looking for a high-tech job without experience? The common perception is that there is only one single way to integrate into high-tech: take the psychometric tests (or equivalent e.g., SATs, Baccalaureate or A levels) and get a high score, then start an academic degree in software engineering or computer science and… BOOM! start working in high-tech. “Congratulations you have completed your degree and can now directly enter a fabulous high-tech office with employee meal cards (e.g., Cibus, 10bis, MAX, etc.), high salaries and pampering fun days”… Is this realistic?


The current situation reflects a very different reality. The traditional way of studying high-tech is no longer the only right way, nor necessarily the one that will give you all the knowledge required to be a skilled high-tech professional. Employers from the high-tech world are currently looking for all-rounders – those who have practical and creative abilities, and rely less on their degrees that do not necessarily reflect their skills. For this reason, even graduates with a bachelor degree in engineering or computer science can have difficulty finding a job in the high-tech industry without experience, and are forced to look for other ways that will place them at the heart of the industry. This article will focus on the types of positions available.


The types of jobs that don’t require prior experience in high-tech

Today the demand for high-tech workers in the industry is high. There is a growing trend within the industry for companies hiring employees without previous experience, such as for development jobs and information systems jobs. This opens up the pool of potential candidates and is a window into the wide range of jobs within the high-tech industry. This is how people with a technological degree and no experience, minimal experience without a bachelor’s degree, or just those with a technical mindset can find themselves working in diverse roles, developing and fulfilling their potential. The list that follows details the available jobs in the high-tech industry that require no previous experience:

  • Technical support personnel – Technical support is a necessary offering covering an extensive set of services within the industry. The role entails providing efficient, fast and professional responses to clients when they encounter faults and difficulties in the operation of their product. The position requires basic knowledge of networks, with some high-tech companies providing relevant training as part of the job.
  • Software tester (QA) – A highly demanded profession within the industry, where the role of the software tester is to detail the bugs and malfunctions discovered within the interface and software. When a bug is found, report details are submitted and later used to develop tools to help solve the problem. Software testers use manual tools or automation tools, and generally no previous experience is required for this role.
  • Network management roles \ Help Desk – The help desk personnel are system personnel entrusted with management of communication networks and security of information within the company. The main role of a network administrator is to enable proper operation of the communication and computer networks, maintain the various systems and problem solving.
  • Full Stack developers – Involved in the development of software responsible for the interface between server and client by entering the design content intended for the site within the servers. Knowledge of programming languages is a prerequisite to employment as a developer in a high-tech company. There are various programs that train participants for development positions, and place them in the various positions within the field.
  • WEB developers – These developers are responsible for the company websites Job interviews for this position require a portfolio of work, which includes websites you have built, in order to determine if your abilities meet their expectations.
  • Cyber and information security personnel – The demand for information security and cyber personnel is particularly high, and the reasons are clear. Cyber attacks are a regular occurrence and affect nearly all individuals and organizations. Therefore, cyber researchers are in demand in the industry, to locate security loopholes and develop the systems and tools designed to protect information stored in the cloud and on servers.


Most of the positions in the high-tech industry described here are an entry ticket to the high-tech world. Once in the industry, you can advance, or adapt, to more challenging and prestigious jobs.


How do you get into the high-tech world without experience?

Although there are high-tech jobs that can be undertaken without experience, there is a requirement for minimal knowledge or previous work in the field. Whether you are a bachelor degree graduate or have completed a program or training program, your experience will be a decisive factor for any position in high-tech companies.

The Infinity Labs R&D (ILRD) training program is unique in its approach – you will not only acquire practical skills, learn the broad methodology to form the basis needed for growth in a wide variety of positions and knowledge of programming languages, you will also have the opportunity of job placement within a wide range of high-tech companies. While the various training programs that exist in the market offer knowledge and tools they tend to the participants to look for work independently. At ILRD we are talking about being your career partners, job interviews for high-tech placements are conducted “in-house” and the employers come to you while you still studying in the program. Participating in this track does not require previous experience, and finding you the right job saves you from the tedious search for a job that does not require experience.


It’s not only the benefits and rewards – what makes the high-tech world unique?

The most prominent attraction to the high-tech world are the glaringly great conditions and benefits provided on a regular basis plus the high salaries. However, in practice the world of high-tech embodies much more than that, and is suitable for people who are looking to be part of the change that is taking place in the world, who dream of signing some big patent in the future and always strive to be leading the trend in development.


Employment stability and multiple promotion possibilities

The far reaching capacity of technology is slowly taking over every field and region as we know it worldwide. The innovative developments present us with a futuristic reality in which the need for people to fill jobs will be eliminated, and machines will replace them to help save manpower. As long as there is active software involved, there will always be a need for skilled professionals for management and control. The relevance of the high-tech world therefore exists now more than ever, and will only continue to grow in the future, which assures employment stability and the continuing trend of development in the high-tech industry.


Challenging and meaningful work

We all like to feel significant in one way or another, and it’s rewarding to know that our actions will bear fruit and affect people’s lives for the better. The high-tech world is a crucial part of the changes taking place in the world – changes that benefit human life, strive to make them more comfortable and easier and upgrade the everyday reality in which we live. The high-tech industry is considered to be challenging, significant and intriguing because ultimately it could lead to revolutionary changes and have great influence for future generations.


High-tech entry salary without prior experience

Whether you are at the peak of your high-tech studies or have already graduated from a degree or specialized training program, the experience you bring from the field is of great importance. At the same time, many high-tech companies allow juniors to work in positions without experience, enabling them to grow and build their careers. Although the entry salary for high-tech workers without experience not so different to any starting salary, as you gain experience and demonstrate developed abilities, the likelihood of advancing within the company and receiving large salary increases is high.

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