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5 Reasons to Study Cybersecurity

In the vast digital realm of the 21st century, a parallel universe has emerged where possibilities seem unlimited. This intangible domain, known as the cyber space, has become an inseparable part of our lives, shaping how we communicate, work, and experience the world.

Like many countries worldwide, Israel stands at the forefront of the cybersecurity field, facing new challenges daily posed by relentless hostile attempts. This is precisely why the demand for cybersecurity professionals is simply immense. Beyond the high demand, there is a wide array of factors prompting many to make a professional shift into this field. So why are cybersecurity studies in such high demand? All the answers are in the following article.


Professional Challenge

Let’s start by saying that cybersecurity is not a simple field; it’s highly challenging and fascinating, both in terms of studying the field and working in it. Engaging in a developing field that provides solutions to the most advanced industries in the market is not only challenging but also crucial to shield and safeguard them from external malicious attacks. Today’s online world has become more dangerous than ever. An organization that doesn’t know how to defend itself from these dangers will undoubtedly suffer complex consequences. Therefore, no matter what role you undertake, you will be a key player in any organization you work for, with the weight of the challenge and responsibility resting on your shoulders.


Significant Role and Mission

Beyond the immense challenge in the cybersecurity field, we’re talking about a role with significant meaning and a powerful sense of mission. In any role you perform, whether defensive or offensive cybersecurity, you’ll be carrying out a pivotal role that requires a broad understanding of the organization. A cybersecurity professional must deeply comprehend the organization they work for, its various assets, and their technical components. This is especially true for defensive roles where you will integrate into the core of your organization, requiring high professional abilities, a great deal of responsibility, and a broad perspective.


High Demand for Workers

The 21st century has witnessed an unprecedented surge in demand for cybersecurity professionals, often referred to as ‘cyber people.’ In today’s interconnected world, where technology is inseparable from our daily lives, the need to protect sensitive information and defend against cyber threats has become paramount. From multinational corporations to governmental organizations and even individual users, all seek the expertise of cybersecurity professionals to strengthen their technological systems.

With the evolving nature of cybercrimes and the increasing sophistication of hackers, the demand for skilled professionals who can effectively combat these threats has soared. As businesses and individuals alike recognize the potential repercussions of cyberattacks, investing in cybersecurity talent has become a top priority. The demand for cybersecurity professionals continues to grow, creating a vast array of career opportunities in this rapidly expanding field.


High Salary Conditions

The high demand for cybersecurity professionals leads to an above-average salary for workers in the field. Data collected from the Israeli tech market indicates that cybersecurity professionals’ salaries have consistently increased by between 1.5% to 5% annually over the past three years. This is precisely why many young individuals opt to transition into this field – it’s not only a fascinating sector but also financially rewarding. It’s essential to note that while salary isn’t the primary factor driving people to choose this field, when combined with the other aforementioned factors, it creates a winning combination.


Diverse Roles and Advancement Options

The field of cybersecurity is highly diverse, offering a wide range of roles that you can undertake, depending on your progression. Positions in the cybersecurity field are divided into managerial and technical roles, so you’ll always have the opportunity to advance to management, become a company’s CTO, and more. You can always transition between roles with distinct characteristics, working, for example, in a role centered on system protection and later moving to a role as a cybersecurity automation developer.


Learning Cybersecurity: Diverse Roles and Advancement Options


What Do We Do at Infinity Labs R&D?

We aim to teach you to learn the cyber world hands-on, allowing you to work in a wide range of positions in the field. The Cyber Research Experts training program provides a holistic approach to a variety of cybersecurity domains. The learning process grants an understanding of various methodologies and comprehensive exposure to relevant technologies, techniques, and tools in a wide range of cyber applications.

The training program was established by leading industry experts with over 30 years of experience in the field, aiming to provide you with the ability to understand both the technology and methodologies of various cybersecurity domains. The training is practical, focused, and based on interpreting and dealing with real-world cases that have occurred in Israel and worldwide.

The training program includes, among other things, coding, networks, security, attack techniques, defense techniques, breach identification, analysis, and hands-on learning of how to deal with them in real-time.

Upon completion of the training, you will be able to transition among technologies and Cyber Research Expert roles of leading industry players and will start working in one of the 300 leading companies in the industry that usually require 2-3 years of experience.

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