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Not just for 8200 graduates – how can you enter the high-tech industry?

The Covid-19 pandemic that took the world by storm in early 2020 was in many ways the ‘doomsday event’ of the Israeli economy. The State of Israel, which until the outbreak enjoyed a period of continuous prosperity, high growth and the lowest unemployment rate in history, fell within a few weeks into the worst economic crisis in its history: The highest unemployment rate ever ensued, with a sense of helplessness that spread throughout the country and made us all tighten our belts and forego unnecessary expenses.


But in retrospect, it turns out that the economic-employment crisis hasn’t really affected all equally. While some sectors of the economy such as trade, performing arts, aviation and tourism have indeed suffered a severe blow and are still facing a difficult reality (as of September 2021), the Israeli high-tech industry has not been hit by the crisis, and has actually continued to gain momentum.

Considering the unparalleled rise in capital acquisitions, unprecedented IPOs, and the ever growing demand for employees (leading to increased competition for every employee), the local high-tech industry has proven, more than ever, its strength and stability, justifying its status as the true driving force of the Israeli economy. All this is combined with high salaries, excellent conditions and benefits that can only be imagined (or read about).

Given all that, is it a surprise that most Israelis dream of working in the high-tech industry?

how can you enter the high-tech industry


Do you think that a high-tech job requires a Computer Science degree? Think again!

If you asked us 15 years ago what is the best way to enter the high-tech industry, the answer would have been one of these two – the long route via a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at an academic institution, followed by a junior position in the industry, or the short route (for the lucky ones only),  military service in a technology unit and then using your personal contacts to secure a job.

And what about those who didn’t have the opportunity (or financial ability) to complete academic Computer Science studies, or did not join one of the IDF’s elite technological units?

They were left outside the high-tech industry. That’s it.

Fortunately, over the past 15 years the world has changed, and so have the avenues for entering the high-tech industry. Thanks to the continual flourishing of Israeli high-tech in recent years, especially since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for skilled and experienced high-tech employees has reached unprecedented heights. And the truth is that the handful of academic institutions offering software development studies, as well as the IDF’s technological elite units, have simply failed to train enough graduates for the high-tech industry, so it can continue to lead the Israeli economy into the 21st century.

This is exactly where you come into the picture. The growing demand for high-tech professionals is your opportunity to develop a fascinating and rewarding high-tech career, even if you don’t have a Bachelor or Master degree in engineering, or a selfie with “the minister’s son” from 8200. And how do you do that? Through a dedicated and focused software development training program that is in sync with the demands of today’s high-tech industry, and will teach you all you need to know to be part of the leading high-tech companies domestically and globally.

In other words, instead of spending four grueling years in the academia, listening to boring lectures and memorizing non-relevant theoretical material you will never use, and later compete with thousands of new graduates like you for a handful of “no-experience-required” software development jobs), the better option is to take a dedicated and comprehensive training course. One that in just a few months enables you to learn in a ‘hands-on’ manner everything you really need to know to successfully enter a high-tech job at the top high-tech companies in Israel and abroad. that is as a talented software developers, with professional skill sets and abilities equal to those with 2–3 years of experience.

How to become a professional software developer in 30 weeks?


Dedicated training for high-tech software development – for whom is it suitable?

The truth is that working as a high-tech software developer is not suitable for everyone. In order to successfully integrate into the profession and embark on a long and successful career where you will be recognized as a talent, there are some things that you must have:


Dedicated training for high-tech software development


1. Motivation and the will to invest in your future

Israel’s high-tech industry provides one of the most dynamic, professional and rewarding climates in Israel’s workforce. In order to enter it successfully, the first thing you need to understand is that the appealing title of “high-tech software developer” does not come for free, and from your side you need to learn and invest – a lot.

It’s also important to remember that unlike other professions, whereas after completing the training you are ready to start working, the demands of software development are constantly changing and evolving, which means that you too must keep up-to-date and be ready for a career that requires ongoing learning in a dynamic, technological and fascinating world that reinvents itself every day.

And the good news – if you are indeed interested and willing to invest in your future, the high-tech industry is probably the most rewarding place you can find in the job market – in Israel, and worldwide. As an experienced software development expert with a track record of success, you will find that your salary is going to climb very quickly to levels that today may sound to you today like science fiction, not to mention the abundance of benefits that come with it.

Caution: Addiction is guaranteed! ☺


2. Analytical skills and an affinity for numbers

Allergic to math? Unable to sit in front of the computer for more than an hour straight? It is possible that ‘classic’ high-tech work may be less suitable for you. In order to integrate and advance in the world of software development, you need to use quite a few mathematical tools, and for that you need first and foremost analytical skills – the ability to obtain, analyze and draw conclusions from the raw data that comes to you, and then be able to convert them into lines of code.

note that even if you didn’t study a high level of mathematics in high school, it does not mean that you cannot transition well into software development – for as long as you have the desire and ambition to advance, an affinity for analytical fields and good independent learning skills, there is no reason why you should not successfully integrate into the world of software development – which includes a diverse range of domains and sub-specialties in fascinating fields such as cyber, A.I., Data Science and more.


3. Autodidactic skills – independently learning, researching and solving problems

There are many personal qualities that can help you make a successful high-tech career, such as initiative, dedication, technological affinity, general academic education and a wide perspective. But if there is one specific trait that you absolutely must adapt to as soon as possible, it is the ability to learn and work independently – to identify challenges, conduct research, discover solutions, as well as understanding new technologies in depth and be able to apply them. This ability empowers you to constantly learn new things in your profession on your own, and to continually develop and improve throughout your career.

The truth is that in the high-tech industry there is simply no place for employees who do not know how to ‘take the initiative’ and “think out-of-the-box”, nor for those who are content with only ‘fulfilling instructions’. Due to the dynamic nature of software development, which is constantly changing and improving, an employee who doesn’t take the time to independently learn, develop his/her thinking skills and deal independently with problems and challenges will never grow into a ‘talent’, and it is probable that will not last long in the profession, but likely move on to another (less rewarding) niche in another field.

And the good news? If you do have the passion, the ability to learn and the will to do it constantly, and if you understand that your brain is the most important tool at your disposal – for which you are willing to invest in over time, you will quickly discover that working as a high-tech software developer is just the place for you. As an outstanding employee in the high-tech industry, there is no limit to how far you can reach throughout your fascinating and satisfying career.


Autodidactic skills - independently learning, researching and solving problems


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