Infinity Labs R&D

Avital | Develops software for building 3D models

“I studied computer science and graduated with honors. After about 3 frustrating months of searching for a job, I realized that without practical experience no place would accept me, and I decided to sign up for Infinity Labs R&D. Those who want the training, are compatible, and get accepted to the program, receive an extraordinary leap forward in their careers, which they could not have received in any other way. For me it changed my life and despite the difficulty, I even enjoyed the process.”

אביטל, בוגרת הסבה לפיתוח תוכנה באינפיניטי לאבס, מפתחת תוכנה לבניית מודולים בתלת-מימד

“An alternative to academia, Infinity Labs R&D - software development in 7.5 months”

“The elite program that leads to outstanding high-tech professions”

“The graduates’ value is equivalent to that of developers with experience”

“The most in-demand program for those transitioning to software development”