Infinity Labs R&D

Infinity’s Curriculum Philosophy

Our goal is to provide all participants the skills and know-how to be ever-evolving DevOps pros. Even as they learn one particular technical stack, Infinity provides participants with what it takes to be well-rounded, “can-do” professionals who can independently migrate to new platforms and technologies throughout their careers. Our training equips them with the fundamentals and resources that enable this flexible technical agility.
Our goal and distinguishing hallmark is the transformation of our trainees into consummate professionals, who are not only capable of independently learning new technologies, but whose work habits and professionalism reflect the highest level of excellence. Our proprietary syllabi are designed to enable our participants to reach those objectives.

DevOps Pro Syllabus

DevOps is a hybrid discipline combining the cross-functional domains of software development and operations into an exceptionally collaborative and productive environment of automation, flexible infrastructures, and maximally efficient workflows and processes – in order to enhance the software delivery chain at every stage and meet the increasingly tight requirements in today’s competitive industry. The DevOps program is primarily intended for those with some background in writing code and / or IT.

Goals and high-level skill sets:

○ CI / CD in depth
○ Configuration and automation
○ Code management
○ Build automation
○ Automated testing
○ Kubernetes
○ Databases
○ Application Release Automation (ARA)
○ DevOps pipeline
○ Software delivery process
○ Staging environments
○ Docker
○ Production environments
○ Virtual Machine (VM)
○ Container management
○ Containers as a Service (CaaS)
○ Cluster nodes
○ Swarms
○ Test automation
○ Service virtualization
○ Swarms
○ Release management
○ Build artifact repository
○ Disciplined Agile delivery
○ Orchestration
○ Microservices
○ Load balancing
○ Big data
○ Gitlab
○ Jenkins
○ Issue tracking
○ Integration testing
○ Incident management process
○ Kafka


After completing the training, we assist our graduates to secure their first positions, and if a position should require some extra training to get up-to-speed with a specialized technology, Infinity offers a dedicated technical completion – a period of 1—5 weeks of additional training in the required area, to ensure a smooth transition for our graduate on their first job.

Specializations include (but not limited to):

○ A.I. (Machine Learning)
○ Anti-spoofing
○ Kotlin
○ Visual Studio
○ Emacs
○ AWS / OpenStack
○ Mobile technologies
○ Python
○ RabbitMQ
○ Memory ordering
○ I/O Ports
○ Memory management & MRC vs. ARC
○ Kernel compilation
○ Xcode
○ NodeJS
○ Data science
○ SQLite
○ C#
○ Spring
○ VxWorks
○ Android
○ iOS
○ Hibernate
○ Drivers
○ Ruby
○ Windows
○ Swift
○ Software / hardware fragmentations
○ Bluetooth
○ Code blocks
○ AngularJS
○ Multimedia
○ Energy diagnostics
○ Network analysis
○ .NET
○ GitHub
○ Facebook / Google authentication