Infinity Labs R&D

Haim | DevOps Developer

“I served in a technology unit and after graduation I knew I wanted to specialize in software development. From the entrance exams I recognized the professionalism of the training track, and I really acquired a very extensive knowledge that is not obtained elsewhere. Even during Corona we continued to operate in a new atmosphere, and despite all the difficulties associated with job searching, I found a position in DevOps at a leading information security company. Today thanks to Infinity Labs R&D I have professional knowledge that leads to job security, despite the lack of an academic degree. Highly recommend for those who want to be satisfied too.”


חיים, בוגר לימודי פיתוח תוכנה באינפיניטי לאבס, עובד כמפתח DevOps

“An alternative to academia, Infinity Labs R&D - software development in 7.5 months”

“The elite program that leads to outstanding high-tech professions”

“The graduates’ value is equivalent to that of developers with experience”

“The most in-demand program for those transitioning to software development”