Infinity Labs R&D

David | C++ Developer

“I started the training, and I had concerns because many came with a background in computers, and I didn’t know anything about computers. The form of training, in which one starts right from the beginning, allowed me not only to integrate into the training, but to really excel and be among the leaders. What contributed to my success were the excellent mentors and the guys in the lab – people who are just fun to be with. The method of study is also amazing to me and suited me very well. Today I work in an amazing place, and I build products from scratch. It seems crazy to me to be a part of all of this, and certainly when it comes to my first job.”

דוד, בוגר מסלול פיתוח תוכנה באינפיניטי לאבס, עובד כמפתח בשפת ++C

“An alternative to academia, Infinity Labs R&D - software development in 7.5 months”

“The elite program that leads to outstanding high-tech professions”

“The graduates’ value is equivalent to that of developers with experience”

“The most in-demand program for those transitioning to software development”