Infinity Labs R&D

Aviv | Java Developer

“I wanted to study software engineering, but I did not know how I could train for another degree. Then came the Infinity Labs R&D option. I deepened my knowledge in the world of software, and I acquired an extensive knowledge that my friends could not acquire in their studies. A year and a half after I finished my training, and I am working, I have acquired development capabilities and knowledge while being exposed to the most advanced technologies that the market has to offer. I am very satisfied and highly recommend Infinity Labs R&D’s program.”


אביב, בוגר לימודי פיתוח תוכנה באינפיניטי לאבס, עובד כמפתח Java

“An alternative to academia, Infinity Labs R&D - software development in 7.5 months”

“The elite program that leads to outstanding high-tech professions”

“The graduates’ value is equivalent to that of developers with experience”

“The most in-demand program for those transitioning to software development”