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Hi, we are Infinity Labs R&D Haifa branch – nice to meet you!

In September 2017, we launched our second branch of Infinity Labs R&D, to bring our unique training model to Haifa and the North of Israel.

The Haifa branch is located in the heart of the Matam High-Tech Park, at the southern entrance to Haifa, near the train station and the offices of the leading high-tech companies in the industry.

The Haifa branch has 7 sophisticated research laboratories fully equipped with the technological tools to launch you into your new career.

Our labs are designed for you – so you can learn, experience, and feel what it’s really like to work in the high-tech industry every day, in a development team, closely accompanied by experienced mentors.

The branch has talented development personnel who are responsible for 3 areas:

  • Technological research – AI development and training materials.
  • Development of software products.
  • Two training program tracks: Software Development and DevOps Pro.


The Haifa branch implements the unique methodology we developed at Infinity Labs R&D, which changes the way people learn, think and work. The Infinity Labs R&D study method shifts the focus from “study subject” to the “way to study”. The training is hands-on, there are no lecturers, no grades and no slides.

The training program takes place in groups of 14 participants, who were carefully selected according to stringent selection criteria. An intelligent and strong work environment is created to help accelerate the learning process and equip participants with the necessary skills to seamlessly enter and excel in the industry from the first day of work.

Branch address: 5 Nahum Het, Matam (close to Hof HaCarmel train station).

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