Infinity Labs R&D - Haifa

Welcome to Infinity Labs R&D, Haifa branch – nice to meet you!

We are in the heart of the Matam High-Tech Park, located at the southern entrance to Haifa and close to the glitzy offices of a variety of leading high-tech companies such as Microsoft, Intel and Elbit Systems. In September 2017 we launched this second branch of Infinity Labs, in order to bring our unique training model to Haifa and the north of Israel.

Located in the perfect location between the mountains and the sea (and yes, also next to the train station), at our Haifa branch you will find 4 sophisticated, state-of-the-art research laboratories fully equipped to enable you to dive into the world of software development and acquire the tools and skills required to successfully integrate into the high-tech industry.

Throughout the training you will be under the guidance of our experienced mentors, who will be there all the way for you during your journey towards a fascinating and rewarding new career in high-tech software development. 

Branch address: Nahum Hat 5, Haifa


Graduates’ Stories

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