Infinity Labs R&D - Ramat Gan

Welcome to Infinity Labs R&D, Ramat Gan branch – nice to meet you!

Infinity’s main branch is in the D-Mall building, located in Ramat Gan’s Diamond Exchange district – within easy reach of the central railway station and next to main public transportation lines that pass through the area. This is where we were founded in 2014, and where we have expanded greatly over the years to our current usage of 3 floors that are well-equipped and vibrant. Here most of our graduates have been trained for their challenging and interesting careers in high-tech software development.


At our Ramat Gan branch, we have at least 22 state-of-the-art software laboratories that are equipped with a variety of technological tools to launch you into your new career. Our labs are designed for you – to learn, experience, and really feel what it's like to work as a member of a high-tech software development team, all under the guidance of our experienced mentors, who are always there for you – all the way.

Branch address: Zeev Jabotinsky, 1 Ramat Gan (inside the D-Mall).


Graduates’ Stories

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