Sandra | C# Developer

"About a year and a half ago I started a difficult, challenging and very rewarding path at Infinity. After the training, I started my first job as a Server Developer. It is important for me to note that the knowledge gained in training is not specific to one or several languages, but rather the ability […]

Michelle | Big Data Software Developer

"One of the most important tools Infinity has given me is the ability to learn anything. During the week I get assignments with endless technologies involved, and it is impossible to already know everything. So the ability to learn them all from A to Z over and over again is amazing in my opinion. What […]

Alex-C# Software Development

"I studied for a degree in biological research abroad. When I finished my degree I thought of joining the world of programming, because that's what I liked – more practical.  While searching for a job, I came across an Infinity ad and it seemed like the perfect solution for my needs. The training taught me […]

Shira | System Architect

"This is a very intensive half-year training program. It is in no way similar to degree studies, or studies of any kind. The group is made up of excellent and talented people. After going through this training (and I program today and I see other programmers), I really do not understand how one can be […]

Oded | C and Python Developer

"I came to Infinity because I knew I wanted more from life. I worked in an inadequate job, the salary was not high, and I did not feel rewarded or challenged. When I arrived I saw that this is a very professional and organized company. All technical, educational and training skills are meticulous to the […]

Aviv | Java Developer

"I wanted to study software engineering, but I did not know how I could train for another degree. Then came the Infinity option. I deepened my knowledge in the world of software, and I acquired an extensive knowledge that my friends could not acquire in their studies. A year and a half after I finished […]

Yana | Developer

"I completed a bachelor's degree in life sciences at Ben-Gurion University, but already during the degree I realized that I was not going to dabble in this field. After the degree I decided to make a career change and study software development. I started to explore, and in the process I heard about Infinity. Today, […]

Alex | C Developer

"I decided to study software at Infinity, because like them, I believe that the road to success goes through hard work and a lot of investment.  Today I am glad I decided so. For the past two months I have been working for a good company as a software developer. The strong foundation I received […]

Almog | Developer

“I studied electrical and electronic engineering with a specialization in software and computers, and my dream was to combine the two. After hearing about Infinity I felt this was the way to advance my career and allow me to make the dream come true. I was surprised that I was learning a lot of new […]

Anna | Python Developer

"I studied environmental engineering at the Technion and worked for two years in the field as a water and sewage engineer. I felt I was missing something in life, something that would challenge me more. Although I had very little background and experience in computers, I realized that was the field I wanted to work […]